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Bea is explaining her day at school to me. She recalls a conversation with a classmate.

Beatrix: So James in my class said, “That’s the easiest thing ever!” So I said, “YOU’RE the easiest thing ever!”

(Bea, age 7)



Randomly, on the train;

Beatrix: I know there’s no such thing as Hell. Because Ocea and I dug through the tan bark in the playground to find it, and there was no smoke coming up, so it isn’t real.

(Bea, aged 6)


The girls are playing with their Playmobil zoo set.

Beatrix: I am the lion king! The biggest lion is always the lion king. I am the daddy lion. The daddy lion is always the boss.

Indiana: No, Mummy is the boss.

(Indi, aged 2)


Indiana and I are walking along and we see a group of magpies.

Me: Indi, do you know what magpies eat?

Indiana: (triumphantly) CHEESE!

Me: No, not cheese…worms!

Indiana: Pfftlluhh! Yuck!

Me: What does Indi eat?

Indiana: Snakes.

Me: You eat snakes?

Indiana: Yeah, Indi eat snakes. And ‘piders.

Me: Snakes AND spiders! My goodness.

Indiana: And bugs!

Me: Wow.

A little later, Indi walks past a mound of mulch in a passing garden and points to it.

Indiana: Elephant eat dat.

Me: Elephants? Oh. (I look over at the pile) What is it?

Indiana: Look like dirt.

Me: Elephants eat dirt, do they?

Indiana: Yeah, a ‘course it does.

(Indi, aged 2.)


We’re in the car driving home, and Bea has said something funny.

Grandma: You’re a funny girl, Miss Beatrix.

Beatrix: Why?

Me: Because you make us laugh.

Grandma: And we love you.

Beatrix: That’s why you don’t want me to get runned over with a car.

(Bea, aged 6.)


Beatrix: The boys in my class all have red as their favourite colour. Because red is the colour of blood! And they like blood, okay?

(Bea, age 6.)

the quicker, the better.

After letting Indi have a few chips to dip with. I go away to check my emails. I come back into the playroom to find Indi with her hands in the dip bowl, eating fistfuls of hommus.

Me: Indi! What do you think you’re doing?!

Indiana: (through her mouthful) Dip.

(Indi, age 2)


An archive of quotes from my radical tomboy daughters; Indiana Lux (3.5) and Beatrix Honey (7.5) on their journey to becoming less pod and more human.