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We’re in the car driving home, and Bea has said something funny.

Grandma: You’re a funny girl, Miss Beatrix.

Beatrix: Why?

Me: Because you make us laugh.

Grandma: And we love you.

Beatrix: That’s why you don’t want me to get runned over with a car.

(Bea, aged 6.)


artist’s critique.

Grant is showing me a doodle he did for a tattoo idea. (See link.) We’re both laughing at it because its hurriedly done and fairly poor. 

Grant: It’s just a silly drawing that Uncle Grant did. It’s not very good.

Beatrix: (long pause as she examines it) I can draw very well.

(Bea, age 6.)

the mind of a writer.

Found by Daddy whilst reading through Bea’s creative writing at school;

Beatrix: “There once was a king and a queen who lived in a castle. The queen had a baby. She was as beautiful as candy.”

(Bea, age 6.)

she said what?

Beatrix: Can I have a drink, fatty woman?

[ Bea, at age 4. ]


Beatrix: I love your toenails.
Me: My toenails? Thanks.
Beatrix: And I love your fingernails. I love your whole skeleton. I love everybody’s skeleton.

[Bea, at age 4. ]


An archive of quotes from my radical tomboy daughters; Indiana Lux (3.5) and Beatrix Honey (7.5) on their journey to becoming less pod and more human.