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Bea is explaining her day at school to me. She recalls a conversation with a classmate.

Beatrix: So James in my class said, “That’s the easiest thing ever!” So I said, “YOU’RE the easiest thing ever!”

(Bea, age 7)



Beatrix: The boys in my class all have red as their favourite colour. Because red is the colour of blood! And they like blood, okay?

(Bea, age 6.)

on the importance of men.

Beatrix: I have three boyfriends. I’m getting confused about which one I should marry though.

(My vote is for Zentis, he wears a Run DMC t-shirt.)

(Bea, age 5)


An archive of quotes from my radical tomboy daughters; Indiana Lux (3.5) and Beatrix Honey (7.5) on their journey to becoming less pod and more human.